Raised Boxes

Why Not Try A Raised Box For Growing Vegetables

A fantastic project to consider especially at this time of year, is the growing of vegetables.  Why not consider a raised box for planting?

There are several benefits in the use of a raised box;

  1. Drainage is better as the soil is raised above ground level.  The temperature of the soil is warmer  particularly in Spring, so many vegetables can be planted earlier.
  2. The boxes can be filled with a good quality topsoil, enriched with fertilizer for optimal results. The type of soil used can also be matched to the type of plant wished to be grown.
  3. The soil is never compacted as there is no need to walk on the surface while tending to the plants.
  4. Raised boxes allow for easier planting and pruning.

When contemplating a raised box consider the following points;

  1. Determine a location by choosing a nice sunny area with plenty of space.
  2. Walking or stepping onto the box is to be avoided so choose a width that allows for easy access across the box.
  3. When grouping together several raised boxes consider leaving enough space in between to accommodate wheelbarrows or lawn mowers if the boxes are on grass.
  4. When building, consider the materials. Timber is cost effective and can be easily removed if necessary. Just be sure to use a treated, good quality product.
  5. Place any turf removed in making the boxes in the bottom of the box and cover with fertilized topsoil.  As the turf  decays it will continue to enrich the soil.

Whatever you decide to plant, maintaining and tending to a raised vegetable box is a lovely and satisfying way of getting out and spending time in the garden.

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