Resolutions for the garden

Resolutions For The Garden

There is always something to do in the garden in January, its a great month to take stock of the garden and plan ahead.  When the garden is in its dormant state there is a brilliant opportunity to really take a look at the areas that may need attention.

Mending is a major job to get out of the way.  The absence of thick foliage allows for a close inspection of garden structures such as fences and sheds.  Check fences for rotting posts,  broken panels or boards, and repair or replace as necessary.  Check a shed for any signs of damp and replace roof felt if necessary.

Treating outdoor timber can increase its longevity as well as give it a new lease of life. A combined wood stain and anti-rot product could help to preserve the integrity of timber sheds, fences, and garden furniture.

Check  all garden tools and equipment, there is nothing more frustrating than finding your tools are not ready when you are come spring! Clean and oil all tools,  sharpen secateurs, shears and lawn mower blades.

Take advantage of a dry day to do any clearing up before any serious gardening begins. Tidy any debris, ivy or weeds which may be invading the garden.

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