Winter Challenge

Is Your Garden Up To The Winter Challenge?

By now most of us would have made sure we’ve prepared ourselves for winter with boots and winter woollies at the ready,  but have we neglected to remember the essential tasks necessary to winterize the garden? A few things to consider;

  • Check the garden over for anything that would be at risk from cold, wind, and excess water.
  • If you have fences check them for rotting.  A replacement now could save a lot of grief after the first winter storm.
  • Cut hedges and  start winter pruning.
  • Check sheds and garden buildings for damage, and integrity of waterproofing.
  • Continue to mow grass until it stops growing
  • Remove dead leaves and flowers from tops of plants.
  • Rake up fallen leaves from lawns and paths.
  • Protect vulnerable container plants from cold, rain and wind by covering or moving to a sheltered area.

Get the garden prepared so you can sit back and relax in cosy comfort able to say, ‘ bring it on winter, show me what you’ve got!’

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