Hedge Cutting & Tree Care

Hedge Cutting & Tree Care
Hedge Cutting & Tree Care

At Gardenology Wales we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to complete any job, large or small, with efficiency and adherence to the highest safety standards. Hedge and tree care services include:

  • Hedge Shaping and Pruning
  • Hedge planting / laying
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree surgery

Hedge cutting helps nurture and control the growth of the hedge from year to year. By taking these steps the hedge stays in control, looks great all year and is easy to maintain. The same principle is applied with tree pruning and tree surgery.

Hedge planting can be a great way to achieve an instant border or gain some privacy alongside garden fences. Help rejuvenate an old hedge by removing deadwood and replacing with new plants.  The effect of hedges and trees can be underestimated.  In addition to being an attractive way of gaining privacy,  they also block wind, sound, and help trap dust.  When managed properly they can be a beautiful asset to any type of garden.