The images below are some recent examples of our Fencing services.

Feather Edge Fencing


A 7 Metre 6ft. Feather Edge Fence with a Finished Rail on top.

photo 5 (10)

A 20 Metre 5ft. Stepped Feather Edge Fence to ensure a straight  line finish and manage the gradient.


A 30 Metre 6ft. Feather Edge Fence with Gravel Board.


A 4ft. Feather Edge Fence combined with Handrail.

Picket Fencing

photo 3 (14)

A 3ft. Round Nose Picket Fence incorporating Access Gate.

4ft picket fence gate

A 4ft. Pointed Picket Fence with Gate.

5ft Picket fence

A Made to Measure 5ft. Round Nose Picket Fence built to replace an old conifer hedge.

After photo

A 5ft. 15 Metre Round Nose Picket Fence with border ready for planting.

Decorative and Panel Fencing

photo 3 (14)

A use of Decorative Panels between a shared boundary. The 4×4 Posts were treated with Bitumen at the bottom to prevent wood rot.

Before & After willow hurdles

A before and after of a 6×6 Willow Hurdle.


Decorative Fence Panel with Decorative Post Tops to ensure Fence is an attractive feature.

Gardenology fencing after image. New fence 1

A Traditional Panel Fence supported by an 8ft. Post for extra strength. It is recommended to treat panels with an environmentally friendly oil based product.